Our History

Predeco XXI, derived from the matrix «Teinde community of goods», founded in 1991, it was created to change of corporate form.

In relation to our template, since our inception we have opted for the balance by joining the veteran experienced with youth. All this is improving every day with a continuous training, both internal and external.

Thanks to the dedication all these years have been able to acquire a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector and thus be able to mold us to any kind of demand.

Our main goal is to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers, offering the best quality at a competitive price, that is why they support us a lot of customers with more than 20 years old.

In 2001 we obtained the certification of a system of management of quality, which we have been updating up to the current now ISO 9001: 2008 with number of ES041003-1 certificate, issued by the certification Bureau Veritas Quality International, under ENAC accreditation body.